Employment Law

The field of employment law continues to change rapidly. A host of federal and state laws governs the screening and hiring of employees, the employer’s provision of benefits to those employees during the relationship (e.g., family and medical leave), grounds for lay-offs or termination, and post-employment competition. Our lawyers regularly counsel employers and executives on these matters. We also advise clients on employment contracts and employee-personnel manuals, sexual-harassment policies and investigations, non-competition and “anti-raiding” agreements, and strategies to protect valuable trade secrets. We consult with our clients before key employment decisions are made in an effort to avoid potentially costly mistakes.

Our lawyers have experience litigating cases involving alleged employment discrimination, the enforceability of non-compete agreements, and the rights and obligations of former executives and employees who embark upon ventures of their own. Above all, our lawyers bring to bear their superior judgment, and they strive to avert or resolve personnel problems expeditiously so that our business clients can focus on business – not time–consuming litigation.

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