A favorable verdict at trial sometimes can be a fleeting victory. Likewise, in the right hands, a district-court loss can become only a temporary setback. The lawyers in our appellate group know how to approach the often-subtle differences between trial and appellate advocacy. The rules are different on appeal, as are the audience and its expectations. Especially when consulted after rendition of a verdict or entry of judgment, our lawyers bring a trained, objective eye to the factual record and the legal issues it holds. We work closely with trial counsel and use a team-oriented approach to issue-spotting. We frame and polish the arguments into a finished product that has maximum effect. With skills honed in appellate clerkships and years of practice, our lawyers identify and avoid the procedural traps that lurk in the state and federal rules, and we have learned how to cast arguments in the right sequence and in the best possible light on appeal.

Our clients include many solo and small-firm practitioners, as well as in-house attorneys. The appellate group’s growth is due to a growing awareness among trial lawyers and sophisticated clients that successful appellate advocacy requires unique strengths and skills, which our lawyers bring to each engagement. Given crowded appellate dockets, a client’s brief is often its only chance to convince the court of its position. We make every word count.

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